The Price of Growth

Ever feel like the universe is charging high prices for some of those “life lessons?” These days as people deal with the lagging economy, uncertainty in government, shootings and even the Mayan prediction of the world’s end, more and more people are paying those prices. And more and more people are asking “what do I do now?”

As you can see from the previous post (and it’s year-ago posting date), I’ve been dealing with some of life’s “little lessons” myself.  Nothing like ongoing health issues to get your attention… By the way, the diagnosis is now official – Fibromyalgia, Arthroalgia, Chronic Widespread Pain Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel.  And yes, it’s been as bad as it looks.

As a result, I’ve had to come to terms with the price life sometimes exacts from us, so that we can grow or move toward the place we were meant to be. It’s become critical that, in spite of the challenges, I do those things that enliven me, support me and my family, and keep me getting up every day ready to move forward – regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes, all you can do is put your head down and keep going. Sometimes, it’s a wake up call to change. Either way, we each choose how we will deal with the choices set before us.  And every choice has its price. It also has a lesson to teach.

I’ve learned that, for me, the choice is to do those things I love ongoingly rather than waiting for someday.  I am slowly getting back to my music, my writing and dealing proactively with my health. Doing so, I’ve been reminded just how good life is.

I offer the same reminder to everyone: despite the prices, life can be good!

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