Social Media and The Time Suck Void

Welcome to my website.  One of many many outlets I have been encouraged to create to help promote and sell my books and music.  Along with Facebook (both personal and “Fan Page”), Twitter, Goodreads, Youtube, Linkedin, Amazon, a book specific website and others.

Sigh…  So when is a guy supposed to be able to write or make music between posting, blogging, rating, tweeting and bashing ones brains out to read all the emails, rss feeds and other electronica that dominates our lives?  I’m not really sure.  I am just now finding ways to streamline all this hoopla and make it work the way it has been sold to me.

In the meantime, I will continue to put stuff out there and Zen garden it to increase workability and reduce e-overload.  I will also likely rant about all the insanity and foolishness that I come across in my journey…  Stay Tuned!

So how are you dealing with the 900lb Gorilla of Internet Presence and Social Media? (Just click on the comments counter beneath the “Social Media Sharing” icons 😉 to tell everyone your best e-advice.)


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